2020 AKRA 4-cycle engine Rulebook / Tech Manual

The AKRA Technical Manual contains all 2020 AKRA 4-cycle engine rules and much more. To order, call the AKRA office at 704-764-8138 or order online at the following web stores: DynoCams ARC Racing JC Specialty Box Stock Project TS Racing    

Bruce and Susan Walls’ Action Enterprises Offers Photos From AKRA Events

Professional photography from AKRA Road Race Series events and other past events can be purchased from longtime karting photographers Bruce and Susan Walls via their Action Enterprises Inc. Visit the Action Enterprises website to view photo galleries from past years’ events. Here are direct links to 2019 AKRA Road Race Series events gallery pages. 2019 Nelson Ledges 2019 Mid-Ohio  

Insurance Program Brochure

Click here to view the complete AKRA Track Insurance Program supported by DG Smith & Company, Inc. Offering liability coverages ranging from $1 million to $5 million with competitive rates. Additional programs offering participants a $25,000 Accident Medical Expense Benefit with the lowest deductible offered to AKRA members for haulers, trailers, contents and their shops.

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