Becoming a Reality On September 27, 2005, the American Kart Racing Association became a reality with the hopes and desire in mind to return Karting to a level of excellence. With this excitement at hand we have pushed forward with a plan to create a new and exciting organization that will help drive the Sport and Industry forward. Our goal … Read More

Bill McCutcheon

Bill and Linnie McCutcheon

CEOs and Founders

Bill McCutcheon, who passed away August 7, 2023, was born and raised in Conway, SC and as a child was always involved in the mechanical side of things. His love of racing and karts came at the early age of seven years old. His first taste of competition came at the age of nine racing a BobCat chassis with a … Read More

Van GIlder and Gene Davis

Van Gilder

Road Race Series Director

With over 45 years of kart racing and industry experience, Van Gilder (left – shown with Dart Kart’s Gene Davis) joined forces with Bill McCutcheon and AKRA in 2015 to support and help grow our new pavement programs – the American Sprint Cup and Road Race Series – and serve as a key member of AKRA’s track / event insurance … Read More