AKRA moving memberships to electronic format

TIFTON, Ga. — To streamline our efforts, we have decided suspend printing and mailing membership cards in favor of electronic notification.

This change will take effect immediately.

When renewing a current membership or purchasing a new membership, AKRA members will now receive electronic notification via email of their membership in good standing. The email will include all member information, including name, address, member type, license number, transponder number and expiration date. The email will also include an attachment of a two-sided membership card template with your member information that you can print and cut on your own, if desired.

Members are encouraged to save the email or maintain it in their inbox, as it is your official correspondence from our organization regarding your membership status.

There is still an option to receive a laminated membership card from AKRA. The membership products on akraracing.com now include an option to receive a laminated card for an additional $10 fee. Please allow two to three weeks to receive the membership card via USPS.

To renew your membership online via our website, go to akraracing.com/shop/.

Or click here to print the membership application.

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