AKRA Membership Update

TIFTON, Ga. — With the establishment of the new American Kart Road-Racing Alliance (AKRA LLC) a little over a week old, we are posting a quick update on the status of AKRA membership processing.

We are aware there were a number of memberships renewed over the second half of 2023 and many of these members have not received their updated membership card.

We have new laminating equipment on order that we expect will deliver by the end of this week. Once we’re in possession of the new equipment, we will promptly create new membership cards for those who have renewed, and mail them to each individual.

For those who have renewed and not received cards, your expiration date will remain consistent with your past expiry.

If you have any questions regarding your AKRA membership, please email americankartroadracing@gmail.com or email us via the online form at akraracing.com/contact/.

If you’d like to renew your membership for the 2024 season, click here for the updated mail-in form. We’re working on establishing a simple online store where you can purchase or renew your membership on this website!

We thank everyone for their patience as we work through this transition.

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