What is the Animal Nationals? A look at the special race May 20-22 at Summit Point

With all the talk about the Animal Nationals event taking place during the May 20-22 AKRA / Hoosier Kartsport Road Race Series Nationals, we’re giving an overview of the race and information that’s been released to date…

The Animal Nationals is a special once-a-year event that is linked to the 4-Cycle Sprint 390 class for full-bodywork sprint-enduro karts. Karts are allowed to be powered by a methanol Briggs Animal, Pro Gas Animal or LO206 at different weight breaks.

A full day of Friday practice is offered for all divisions on May 20. A single-class 30-minute race will be held for the 4-Cycle Sprint 390 division both Saturday and Sunday. The best average finisher between each day’s race will be crowned the 2022 Animal Nationals champion. 

To celebrate the big event, a WKC Pit Party featuring live entertainment, raffles/awards and a pig roast will be held Saturday evening after racing. Everyone is invited!

The Animal Nationals points structure is as follows. Lowest total between Saturday and Sunday races wins. Tiebreaker determined by which driver has the better finish in Sunday’s race.

  • 1st Place: 1 point
  • 2nd Place: 2 points
  • 3rd Place: 3 points
  • 4th Place: 4 points
  • 5th Place: 5 points
  • and so on…

The overall Animal Nationals champion will win a custom-made trophy by 4-Cycle Central, the To Be Announced winner’s share of the $5,000 purse, and other To Be Determined merchandise/contingency awards.

Saturday’s 4-Cycle Sprint 390 race winner will win a custom-made trophy by MGM Chassis. 2nd and 3rd place will receive AKRA / WKC Nationals class awards.

Sunday’s 4-Cycle Sprint 390 race winner, 2nd place and 3rd-place finishers will receive AKRA / WKC Nationals class awards.

Each day’s 4-Cycle Sprint 390 race will still count toward WKC regional and AKRA national series points like all other classes.

Still To Be Announced…

  • How each day’s race starting lineups will be determined.
  • Payout structure of $5,000 purse.
  • Merchandise / Contingency awards for each finishing position based on sponsorships.

Direct questions about the Animal Nationals to WKC Race Director and Secretary Brandon Taylor at brandontayl@gmail.com.

If you’re planning to race and in need of help, finding parts, etc., don’t hesitate to reach out to fellow racers at the Animal Nation Facebook group or Enduro Kart Racing Facebook group.

Many thanks to the following businesses and individuals who have stepped up to sponsor this year’s Animal Nationals:

Animal Nationals Sponsors

    • 4 Cycle Central
    • MGM Chassis
    • Hiser Composites
    • Streeter Super Stands
    • Revolution Racing Chassis
    • Southern Kart Club
    • Linsell Speed Shop

Animal Nationals Driver Donations

  • Brandon Schenkel
  • Mark Mitchell
  • Josh Nevels
  • Mitchell Staats
  • Jack Reall
  • Steve Johnson / Valor Motorsports
  • Dirtworx Excavating
  • Wimmer Racing (Tony Wimmer)
  • Isaac Daniel (Daniel Family Vineyards)
  • Travis Kosik
  • Bob Markonvich
  • Chris Kent
  • O’Dell Motorsports
  • Chad Landers
  • Scott Evans
  • Elliott Madison
  • Joe Adler Racing

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